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In many entrepreneurship projects in the market, catering profession has always been loved by many investors. Therefore, it is also an obvious fact that the number of projects in the market is large.
Food and beverage is a sustainable industry, occupying an important position.
餐饮业自古以来就存在,一起也是零售业中竞赛 剧烈的职业之一但从整个职业来看,餐饮是与人们日子息息相关的,是永续工业。不管外界怎么改变,餐饮总是处在一个比较重要的位置。
Food and beverage industry has existed since ancient times. Together, it is also one of the most competitive professions in retail industry. But from the whole profession, food and beverage is closely related to people's daily life and is a sustainable industry. No matter how the outside world changes, catering is always in a more important position.
Successful evasion of dangerous passenger flow is the key
The key factor for the successful operation of catering industry is the target customer flow which is effective against danger, and the location of the central business circle is the greater guarantee for its success. The danger of catering industry itself is small, and the rental channels of professional Street shops are wide, so it is easier to avoid danger.
Low Cost Marketing
Because of the professional characteristics of catering, if the correct location can cleverly attract customers; together to make features, cultivate loyal customers, it completes low-cost marketing, and adheres to the two-tier intention of good follow-up consumption.
Market effect
Analysis of the surrounding living environment, mature areas have more fixed consumer groups. And the central business circle, large-scale business projects, etc., will bring more potential consumers. A variety of catering styles will provide more choices for consumers with different tastes.
"Food is the Heaven for the People" in a stable shopping mall
People's need for food is advancing with each passing day. From dealing with the problem of food and clothing to the accumulation of catering culture, the market share of catering industry has increased greatly. Shopping malls exist and are stable. The key is how to make features and grades.
Revenue guarantee
Weak shopping malls are the guarantee of a strong catering industry. With this strong support. According to the relevant statistical data, the return rate of normally stable shops is between 6% and 9%, but the return of independent shops will be between 15% and 17%. The return of street shops has become an important source of land wealth.
Choosing high-performance stocks has great room for appreciation
Appreciation space, better choice of high growth space street shops, that is, performance stocks. Consider the current and future commercial air around the site. It is also very important to choose the time to enter the market. We should take a long view, especially when the initial price is not high and the amount of investment is relatively low, and when it prospers, it will be a visible return.
For entrepreneurs, when investing in catering profession, they must make a detailed analysis of the reasons for choosing this project to start a business, so that they have a good idea! Therefore, for entrepreneurs, when operating this intention, they can easily make profits by exerting this intention to start a business.
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